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Custom cues can be built using many different materials and methods.

What is radial lamination?

Shafts, butts, and cue cores can be radial laminated. Quarter sawn lumber is sawn (the quarter sawing process produces vertical grain) into "v" shaped pieces and glued together to form a eight sided billet. This billet is then turned round. Looking at the end of the shaft, butt, or core the laminated pieces are pie shaped, like slices of pizza.

Why radial lamination?

Radial laminated shafts have less defection or "squirt". Radial laminated butts are more stable than solid wood butts. Radial laminated cores add stability to exotic woods and help to keep the weight down when using heavy woods like ebony and tropical hardwoods.

How do I order a cue?

You can order a cue via our shopping cart for any cue listed in the "cues" menu. We also take orders by phone during normal business hours (EST). If you place an order through our shopping cart, we will contact you by email or phone (if provided) to give you an estimated wait time for the cue to be finished and shipped. Please contact us if you have any other questions about placing orders.

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